October 16, 2023

Unlocking Wholesaling Success: The Role of Title Companies


How Title Insurance Companies Can Help Wholesalers Close More Deals Faster

Wondering what you can do to take your wholesaling business to the next level? Interested in real estate wholesaling but wondering what kinds of tools you’ll need to succeed? Choosing the right title insurance company can make all the difference. In this blog, we will cover what the roles of wholesalers and title insurance companies are, and how title insurance companies can impact the success of your wholesaling business, featuring quotes from Empora’s founder and CEO Megan Harris in her interview with Brent Daniels from Wholesaling Inc.

What Are Title Insurance Companies?

A title insurance company, commonly known as a title company, is a crucial entity in the real estate industry that plays a pivotal role in property transactions, ensuring the transfer of property ownership is smooth and legally sound. Their services protect the interests of both buyers and lenders by identifying and addressing any potential title-related issues.

The Crucial Role of Title Companies in Wholesaling

So how does a title company impact a wholesaling business? A well-functioning title company is critical in the wholesaling process for several reasons:

  • Efficiency and Speed – A good title company can expedite the closing process, ensuring that deals move forward smoothly and quickly. This is vital in wholesaling, where time is of the essence.
  • Risk Mitigation – Title companies perform thorough title searches to identify any liens, encumbrances, or issues related to the property’s ownership. This protects wholesalers to avoid potential legal problems and surprises down the road.
  • Transaction Transparency – Title companies provide detailed settlement statements, which break down the financial aspects of the deal, ensuring that all parties involved understand the transaction’s terms and costs.
  • Escrow ServicesTitle companies can hold earnest money deposits in escrow, providing a secure way for buyers to commit to the deal without directly transferring funds to the seller.
  • Knowledge of Local RegulationsThey are well-versed in local real estate regulations and requirements, ensuring that all legal aspects of the transaction are handled correctly.
  • Problem Resolution – When issues arise during the closing process, such as disputes over liens or unclear property titles, a proficient title company can facilitate resolution and keep the deal on track.

A well-functioning title company, especially one designed to meet the unique needs of wholesalers, can greatly enhance efficiency, reduce risks, and help investors grow their businesses. It streamlines the process, ensures transparency, and provides essential services that are necessary for successful wholesaling transactions. As stated by Empora’s CEO, “The whole goal is to take every piece of the process and do it as quickly as possible and keep the wholesaler informed every step of the way.”.

How Digital Title Services Can Help You Close More Wholesale Deals

“If I’m at a property and I’m competing against other offers and I go, ‘Listen, I’ll tell you what, I’m so committed to you right now that I’m willing to make a deposit. I’m willing to make a deposit right now. We sign this agreement, I’ll upload it to my title company right here, and I will also deposit the funds right now before I leave. That’s how serious I am about buying your house.’ That’s powerful.” – Brent Daniels, Wholesaling Inc.

As Brent details in that scenario, having access to digital title services can allow wholesalers to move quickly when it comes to buying a property, differentiating them from the competition. After having put the time into finding a property and finding a buyer, you don’t want your title insurance to slow you down. Title companies that specialize in working with investors and wholesalers understand the need to be agile, which is why they offer digital and remote services. Streamlining and automating when possible creates the most efficient title process possible, allowing you to act quickly when you find the right property, and move on to find suitable buyers. A more efficient process also means fewer unnecessary fees, helping you to save on closing costs.

In addition to the digital escrow services Brent mentions, Empora Title provides a digital platform where wholesalers can easily submit their deals, upload contracts, and access important information. These features can help your deal close sooner, allowing you to do more deals in less time.

Title companies that specialize in working with investors and wholesalers are rare, but when you find one, they can greatly impact your business for the better.

5 Tips for Effective Collaboration with Title Insurance Companies

To get the most out of any title company, it’s important to know how to work together. Here are five essential tips for collaborating effectively with a title company:

  1. Choose a Specialized Title Company
    • Select a title company with experience in working with real estate wholesalers. They should be familiar with the unique needs and requirements of your transactions. Look for one that offers investor-friendly services.
  2. Establish Clear Communication
    • Maintain open lines of communication with your title company. Designate a primary point of contact for both parties to ensure efficient and timely information exchange.
    • Communicate your expectations, timelines, and any specific needs related to your wholesale deals.
  3. Provide Accurate Information
    • Double-check all the details on your purchase agreements to ensure accuracy. This includes property addresses, buyer and seller information, and any special conditions.
    • Submit complete and error-free paperwork to the title company to avoid processing delays.
  4. Stay Informed About the Process
    • Familiarize yourself with the title company’s processes and requirements for each stage of the transaction, from title searches to closing.
    • Be proactive in understanding the title commitment, addressing any issues, and assisting with necessary documentation.
  5. Timely Follow-Up and Document Submission
    • Promptly respond to any requests or inquiries from the title company. Timely communication is key to preventing delays.
    • Adhere to submission deadlines for documents, funds, and any other required information. Delays in providing necessary materials can lead to extended closing times.

Effective collaboration with a title company is vital for the success of your wholesale real estate transactions. By selecting the right partner, maintaining clear communication, providing accurate information, staying informed, and ensuring timely follow-up, you can streamline your deals and build a productive relationship with your title company.

In Summation: How Title Companies Like Empora Streamline Real Estate Deals for Wholesalers

A title insurance company plays a crucial role in streamlining real estate deals for wholesalers. When you are ready to buy a home or buy property, partnering with a title company like Empora who specializes in providing services tailored to investors and wholesalers, will mean one less headache. As Megan Harris, CEO of Empora Title, emphasized, “Investors do a third of all real estate transactions in the U.S.”. They are a hugely underserved contingent in real estate, and Empora Title is working to change that. Partnering with the right title company empowers wholesalers to expedite their deals, reduce friction in the transaction process, and ultimately scale their businesses more efficiently. Working with a title company that understands the unique needs of wholesalers can be a game-changer for you and your business.

About Empora Title

Empora Title is the first title company to be built specifically for real estate investors. Empora offers a variety of features to help investors and wholesalers do more business. Through their online portal, cash buyers can submit earnest money online quickly and securely, reducing the hassle associated with traditional payment methods. Their system tracks and clears any issues in the title work promptly, helping to prevent delays in closing deals. Empora also offers both digital and in-person closing options, catering to the preferences of both investors and sellers. Their goal is to make every step of the transaction process as efficient as possible while keeping the wholesaler informed throughout.

Empora Title currently serves seven states (OH, IN, KA, PA, GA, MS, FL) and has plans to expand nationwide in late 2024 to better assist real estate investors across the country.

Watch the full interview with Megan Harris, CEO of Empora Title, and Brent Daniels from Wholesaling Inc., below.

Empora Title is built for real estate investors. We redesigned the title and closing process to create a digital-first experience that delivers the fastest, smoothest closings possible and simplifies the management of multiple deals.


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