December 02, 2022

Empora Title CEO Megan Harris Named to Forbes 30 Under 30


Megan Harris, Founder and CEO of Empora Title, Named to Forbes 30 Under 30

On November 29, 2022, Forbes revealed their annual 30 Under 30 lists, selecting Megan Harris for their 30 Under 30 Finance list. The founder and CEO of Empora Title, Harris joins visionary founders and top dealmakers from fintech, financial services, crypto and blockchain. Harris is one of 30 individuals selected from over 1,000 nominations.

Megan Harris’s Background and Vision for Empora Title

Prior to founding Empora Title in 2020, Harris served as a product manager at a title insurance startup and at auto insurer Root. She founded Empora Title on the premise that the title process, which is a necessary part of every real estate transaction in the US, is archaic and inefficient.

Leveraging her product expertise, Harris was able to design a digital-first title solution that automates much of the manual processes associated with typical title searches. Harris and Empora are laser-focused on revolutionizing the title and closing process for real estate investors – who account for roughly one-third of all property transactions in the US. This extreme focus has allowed Empora Title to build the first truly investor-friendly title solution, employing technology to significantly improve the title and closing process for real estate investors doing multiple transactions per month.

Empora Title’s Methodical Growth

Empora’s highly customer-centric approach to the product has resulted in an extremely passionate customer base. Word-of-mouth has fueled efficient and rapid growth – with Empora supporting over 1,000 property transactions in its first year in business.

Following a $20MM Series A raise in December of 2021, Empora has grown methodically. In 2022 Empora extended service beyond Ohio, adding Florida, Indiana, and Kentucky. “Our ability to offer a better title product, increase efficiency and transparency, and reduce costs for our clients has allowed us to grow steadily despite a challenging real estate market. We’re excited to eventually support real estate investors across the US, but measured growth is core to providing a world-class customer experience that has been missing from title.”

Cost-Savings for Real Estate Investors

With average savings of more than $600 per property transaction, Empora has already saved investors over $750,000 in closing costs. As Empora continues to grow its client base, and support new markets, this number will only grow. Harris is passionate about building technology that empowers opportunity for everyone in real estate.

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Empora Title is built for real estate investors. We redesigned the title and closing process to create a digital-first experience that delivers the fastest, smoothest closings possible and simplifies the management of multiple deals.


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