September 27, 2022

Empora’s Expansion Continues to Indiana!


Empora expands digital title services to Indiana investors.

Cutting-edge digital title and closing services are now available to more real estate investors with the launch of Empora Title’s services in Indiana. Coming on the heels of launching Florida on September 16th, Empora now supports Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Florida. This is just the start as we work to bring investor-friendly title and closing services to all 50 states!

Like many other states, investors operating in Indiana have had to rely on an outdated mixture of emails, phone calls, spreadsheets, and pen and paper closing documents to navigate the title and closing process. This creates unnecessary delays in the closing process, it increases the likelihood of errors, and it drives up cost. For real estate investors doing a high volume of transactions, old-school closings create a real burden that can inhibit growth.

Empora is excited to change the game for Indiana real estate investors. We not only save our customers money; our digital-first title and closing process saves investors from getting bogged down by an archaic process accepted by most as “normal.” By leveraging technology to streamline the title and closing process, and eliminating unnecessary fees, Empora saves investors hundreds of dollars and countless hours on each closing.

Indiana is a perfect fit for Empora

Headquartered in Columbus, OH, Empora understands midwest real estate markets and midwest investors, and is prepared to provide a best-in-class title and closing experience to Indiana investors.  With similar real estate and regulatory environments to Ohio, Empora’s title and escrow teams are ready to support property transactions across the Hoosier State without skipping a beat. In addition to serving new clients, Empora is excited to extend its services to existing clients that are already doing business in Indiana. Expanding service to Indiana enables these investors to consolidate more of their real estate transactions on Empora’s easy-to-use digital platform.

As with the other states where Empora operates, the efficiencies associated with Empora’s digital-first title solution result in reduced closing costs relative to typical title companies. On average, Indiana investors can expect to save hundreds in closing costs on each transaction with Empora. View our closing cost calculator to see how much you might save on your next deal in Indiana.

For a quick cost comparison on a $100,000 cash purchase in Indiana, Empora reduces closing costs by about $513 versus a typical title company. This is achieved by eliminating many of the seller-paid fees, and eliminating many common fees altogether.

Indiana_Closing Cost Comparison


Indiana has lots of potential for real estate investors

As with many markets in the US, Indiana saw housing prices increase at historic rates in 2021. Even outside the capital, scarce housing inventory and low interest rates led to a 17 percent increase in real estate prices. Despite the large jump in home prices in 2021, Indiana still has the second most affordable real estate in the US. With an average home price of $141,700, Indiana is an attractive market for new and seasoned real estate investors alike.

Empora Title: Elevate Your Real Estate Transactions with Cutting-Edge Title and Closing Solutions

Licensed in Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, Empora Title is a state-of-the-art title company purpose-built for real estate investors. Our digital platform brings unparalleled communication, efficiency, and transparency to the closing process – empowering real estate investors to close faster, seamlessly manage multiple deals, and save on closing costs. Visit our real estate investor page for a deeper dive into how we’re doing title and closing differently to support real estate investors.

Request a demo to find out how Empora can upgrade your real estate title and closing process.

Empora Title is built for real estate investors. We redesigned the title and closing process to create a digital-first experience that delivers the fastest, smoothest closings possible and simplifies the management of multiple deals.


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