May 19, 2022

Empora Expands Digital Title Service to Kentucky Real Estate Investors


Empora is expanding our reach to bring investor-friendly title and closing services to more markets. Today we’re excited to announce that we are now licensed and operational in Kentucky, bringing our digital-first services to Kentucky real estate investors and taking another step in our national expansion.

Like virtually every state in the US, Kentucky is saddled with antiquated title and closing processes. From unnecessary fees that drive up closing costs to clunky systems that force investors to manage deals across email, spreadsheets, one-off phone conversations, and piles of paperwork—it costs more money and takes more time than it should for real estate investors to close deals in Kentucky.

We’re excited to extend our tech-forward approach to title and closing to Kentucky. By streamlining workflow and eliminating frivolous fees, we will save Kentucky investors up to 30% on closing costs and 40% on closing time. That improved efficiency will allow investors to do more deals.

“Traditional title is archaic and inadequate for real estate investors with a high volume of property transactions. We’re on a mission to revolutionize title on a national level,” says Megan Harris, Founder and CEO of Empora Title, “but, we’re very thoughtful about how we expand in order to maintain best-in-class service. For many reasons, including proximity to our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, and the fact that many of our Cincinnati clients are already investing in northern Kentucky, Kentucky is a natural second state for us.”

It’s a great time to invest in Kentucky real estate

Kentucky is loaded with potential for real estate investors. As of May 2022, Kentucky is the 5th most affordable real estate market in the nation, with a median home value of $141,000. Compare that to $145,700 in neighboring Ohio. Only Mississippi, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Oklahoma boast lower median home values. On top of that, Kentucky real estate saw a 13.5% appreciation in 2021.

Kentucky’s affordable real estate market makes it attractive for real estate investors and wholesalers. Beyond being ripe for fix-and-flip investors, those looking to purchase rental properties will be happy to learn that Kentucky is considered to be quite landlord-friendly.

“We’re thrilled to support real estate transactions in Kentucky. From a regulatory standpoint, it is very similar to Ohio, and our in-house title and escrow teams won’t skip a beat in providing world-class service to Kentucky investors,” says Craig Bowman, Empora’s Head of Title.

Empora is now licensed in Ohio and Kentucky, with more markets coming online in the coming months. If you’re a real estate investor outside of Ohio and Kentucky – don’t worry, we’re on our way!

Why work with Empora Title?

Empora Title is a state-of-the-art title company purpose-built for real estate investors. Our digital platform brings unparalleled communication, efficiency, and visibility to the closing process – empowering real estate investors to close faster, seamlessly manage multiple deals, and save up to 30% on closing costs. Visit our real estate investor page for a deeper dive into how we’re doing title and closing differently to support real estate investors.

Request a demo to find out how Empora can upgrade your real estate title and closing process.

Empora Title is built for real estate investors. We redesigned the title and closing process to create a digital-first experience that delivers the fastest, smoothest closings possible and simplifies the management of multiple deals.


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